If you and your friends and family love getting out and hiking, you’ll love all of the great places to enjoy the great outdoors in the Grand Junction area. It has some fantastic hiking trails that are perfect for enthusiasts of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Let’s check out the top five hikes in Grand Junction.

Devil’s Kitchen Trail off Monument Road takes hikers through the canyon and to the rock formation known as Devil’s Kitchen. This is a moderate trail, which most adults should be able to handle. The round trip is about a little over four miles, without any stops, and it generally takes one to two hours.

Lunch Line Trail, which is part of the Lunch Loop Trail System, is a moderate hike even though it’s less than a mile, as are many of the hikes that are part of this particular system. It’s still a fun trail though, and offers some great photo opportunities.

The Grand Junction section of the Tabegauche Trail, located just off Monument Road, will take you across the mesas and highlands and through canyons. It’s a beautiful trail that’s around ten miles long. It’s a moderately difficult hike, so it might not be right for the entire family.

Old Gordon Trail is four miles one way and will take between two and three hours to complete. Still, it’s considered an easy hike because the slope is not considered too demanding. It’s also close to Devil’s Kitchen Trail.

Mica Mine Trail, part of the Bangs Canyon Trailhead, is another popular area hike. It leads hikers to an old mica and quartz mine. This is another easy trail, and the round trip is only 2.6 miles. Most people will complete the hike in about two or three hours.

Is your favorite hike on this list? If you haven’t tried the hikes mentioned here, it’s time to remedy that. Get out and have a great time in the sunshine. Just remember to bring along your camera and sunscreen.

Resource: http://www.visitgrandjunction.com/hiking-trails