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Every Home Deserves To Be Treated As A Luxury Home


Superior Seller Services for the Upscale Real Estate Market

One would think that a piece of property with a million dollar plus price tag would pretty much sell itself among that sector of the market who would not blanch at such a figure. After all, one can get some pretty nice amenities for a million dollars.  All things being relative however, getting top dollar and a quick sale are not necessarily inclusive events. Putting the property’s best foot forward is a process of experience and intimate knowledge of what factors tend to move high-end properties the fastest.  Linda Afman, with 38-years of experience, understands these factors and can help you sell your luxury real estate in Grand Junction Colorado.  With innovative real estate marketing and savvy negotiating skills, Linda is your advocate when it comes to Marketing your high value home. She fully researches market conditions that may have an influence on bringing about a successful sale.

Through high impact marketing material and state of the art technology, she gets your listing in front of the people who are in the market for luxury.  She provides a network of resources and tools to be effective in her marketing.  You can rely on Linda’s timely advice as to what features are selling, and which ones are not, in the luxury housing market. As such, you can target your improvement dollars where they will do the most good in garnering a buyer’s attention. For the upscale housing market in Grand Junction Colorado, luxury real estate is Linda Afman’s forte, and she is committed to delivering the full suite of services that that sector of the housing market has come to expect in a luxury transaction.