It’s easier to dispose of your Grand Junction real estate in spring or summer, but if you have to sell in the winter, it’s still do-able. There are actually people out there who want to look at homes in the winter – cold weather seems to activate their “nesting” instinct. You’ll just have to stage your property a little differently.

Whatever the time of year, the goal is to make your home attractive to buyers. In winter, that means making sure that walks and driveways are shoveled and free from ice. A nice warm coat of burlap over tender shrubs shows that you care about your landscaping. And don’t forget to make sure your outdoor lights are turned on – it gets dark quickly in winter, and you want to make sure your home looks warm and inviting.

If it’s close to Christmas, you have a great opportunity to make sure your home shines – hang wreaths and string lights. Keep it tasteful, though – no tacky inflatables. You want to appeal to the widest range of buyers, and this is one instance where you want to stifle any “more is more” impulses you may have during the holidays.

Interior rules are the same – make sure your home is free of pet odors, and if you’re a smoker, do it outside, and clean up your butts. Keep knick-knacks to a minimum, and make sure the kitchen and bathroom are spotless and free of clutter. Little things really do make the difference.

One advantage to a winter listing is that there likely won’t be as much competition, so if you follow these few simple suggestions, you can still get top dollar for your property. Just make sure to look after the details that give your home that “wow” factor.