Buyer Services

Every Home Deserves To Be Treated As A Luxury Home
Superior Buyer Services for the Upscale Real Estate Market

Successful people, those most likely to be in the market for a luxury home, expect certain services from their representatives,  Linda Afman excels at meeting those expectations. Clearly, the high-end luxury market is substantively different from the standard subdivision offering, and Linda fully understands the ins-and-outs of those differences, which makes buying a high-end home a smooth process.

According to a survey conducted by the Luxury Home Council, the average luxury homebuyer will spend nearly three months searching for the perfect home before making a final purchasing decision. Often times, much of this time is spent parsing through the available housing stock because, after all, by their very nature luxury homes do not appear on the market every day.

When they do become available however, Linda knows about them, and has a ready list of clients interested in her listings.  With nearly four decades of experience in her resume, Linda has an intuitive knowledge of local market conditions, which when buttressed with detailed market analysis, provides her clients with the latest information on the luxury homes that they are looking for.  With her vast industry experience, Linda has a number of tools to rely on when it comes to assisting the high-end buyer in purchasing their new high-end home including:

  • Help in locating luxury properties
  • Assistance in managing the transaction
  • Certified Negotiator
  • Expert advice on luxury home purchases
  • Jumbo financing through strategic partners

Just as in any real estate transaction, the internet has revolutionized the way people search for and buy homes. For those accustomed to the expert advice of qualified professionals in their respective fields, luxury home buyers in the Grand Junction Colorado area turn to Linda for the expert buying services that she has to offer.