What is it that makes Colorado’s Western Slope such a popular place to live? It’s actually quite a few things working together that make the area so popular. The western portion of Colorado has small towns and large cities alike. This makes it possible for buyers to find a home in what they feel is their ideal location. If they want to live in a rural location, they can find a great place to call home. If they want to live in the city or the suburbs, they will have no trouble finding a great property. One of the great things about the area is that even the larger cities are able to retain that small town atmosphere and charm that everyone loves.


In addition to having great places to live, residents will also enjoy the seasonal climate in the winter and the summer. Because there is so much land, the area is able to offer a wide range of outdoor activities. You can go fishing, hunting, skiing, rafting, hiking, biking, golfing, and more. There’s never a lull in the activity regardless of the time of year it might be. Locals love this just as much as tourists who visit. In fact, locals know just how lucky they are to be living in this paradise all year long.


Thanks to all of the great reasons to move to the area, it helps the housing market to remain stable. Homes are still affordable, but the area is starting to become very popular. Buying now could potentially be a good investment for your future.


If you are in the market for a new home, take the time to speak with a real estate agent about some of the options you have available in the Western Slope area. It’s a large market with something for everyone!


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