When your home goes onto the market, you have hopes and dreams that it will sell quickly. Grand Junction, CO is a great place to live, and you can’t imagine it would take too long for someone to see and fall in love with your property. However, some people find that their properties just aren’t selling. It might not have anything to do with what people see when they come into the home. It might have to do with what they see on the outside. You need to improve the curb appeal of the property to increase your chance of selling. It is easy to do, and it is actually very important.

Quick and (Relatively) Easy Tips for Better Curb Appeal

First, look at the exterior of your home. Is the paint faded and peeling? Is the siding a bit dingy? Wash the siding. Repaint the house and give it a fresh look, and even take a power washer to the walkways just to make sure they are bright and clean.

Next, look at your landscaping. Make sure you cut the grass and trim the bushes and tree branches. Clean out the flowerbeds and remove the dead flowers that are out there. Add some new mulch around the flowerbeds and other planting areas, and consider putting some of the plants into pots if they aren’t already.

Finally, look for any little bits of clutter in the yard that you might have missed. Having items stored on the walkway or porch, or scattered around the yard, looks terrible. Pick up the kid’s toys, the bikes, and the other items, and keep them somewhere else. You want people to look at the great things the property offers, and not feel distracted by having to step over messes as they enter the property.

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